In a surprising twist to the ongoing saga that is air travel, United Airlines refused boarding to two girls wearing leggings.

Washington Post, the girls were traveling from Denver to Minneapolis on Sunday morning.

United Airlines responded to the Tweet saying that they reserve the right to refuse anyone passage if they are not appropriately dressed.

Late Sunday, a spokesperson for United said that the girl were, however, traveling using an "employee pass" and were not in compliance with the dress code.

"Our regular passengers are not going to be denied boarding because they are wearing leggings or yoga pants. But when flying as a pass traveler, we require pass travelers to follow rules, and that is one of those rules."

Whatever the case, are leggings considered inappropriate? Isn't the go-everywhere style actually outselling denim? In fact, as I write this my wife is sitting in the living room - in leggings. My guess is that you could hear the crickets chirping in HyVee if customers were not allowed to wear leggings, in the same way that you would see tumbleweeds blowing through WalMart if they outlawed pajama pants.

However, to be fair, I haven't seen the offending attire, So, if they were see-through (as some leggings certainly are) the airline may have been well within their rights to refuse boarding.

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