Next time you're flying through Denver, be on the lookout for these furry volunteers! The Denver International Airport now has the largest therapy animal program in the country. The program is made up of a group of more than 100 dogs—and one cat— representing more than 40 breeds. CATS, or the Canine Airport Therapy Squad is designed to surprise, delight and comfort passengers through positive interactions with therapy animals. The volunteers wear blue vests emblazoned with the words "pet me." Don't mind if I do!
This isn't the only airport that is bringing in therapy animals. According to CNBC, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport trots out trained miniature horses, brought in by volunteers from a local farm. The Wag Brigade at San Francisco International Airport features dogs and a pig named LiLou.
So if you would like to schedule a meet with one of these furry animals, head on over to and schedule a visit.    

Sounds PURRR-fect!

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