They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Tickle his funny bone, along with tempting his taste buds, and it's why people have been coming to the Olde Towne Dinnere Theatre in Worthing since the 80's.

The new play, and special menu are guaranteed to satisfy funny bones, and taste buds of all who attend.

Buying the Moose, by Michael G. Wilmot, is the next play on the Olde Towne lineup, and tickets go on sale today!

A quick glimpse of the plays description from the Olde Towne Dinnere Theatre website:

What could easily be a simple sex farce, instead becomes an entertaining character-driven ensemble comedy piece. Wilmot's script is funny above all, but also perceptive, pointed, and, on occasion, even insightful.

For their full description of the play click here.

For a list of show dates, to purchase ticket, and more details click here.

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