South Dakota is filled with history, interesting history that can still be visited today.

I suppose most folks think that history is primarily located in the Black Hills in general, and Deadwood in particular. Well, there's no doubt that those places hold a lot of amazing history! But if you think remarkable historical landmarks are confined to the Black Hills area, well, to be frank, you're mistaken.

Let me give you a great example.

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Let's hop into the car and head to Faulk County and check out the Pickler Mansion.

Now, South Dakota may not be known as a state filled with mansion's, but this is one to visit. Originally owned (and constructed) by a Civil War Veteran named Major John Pickler, this amazing building took some 12 years to complete. Why so long? Well, remember it was begun in 1882 and in those days in Dakota Territory there wasn't an architect around. So the construction took a while...then a while longer. But when it was done, it was worth the wait.

Through the years many events took place in what became known as the 'Pink Castle', everything from wedding's to prom's and yes, even funerals. How magnificent was this Pickler Mansion? Well, people like Susan B. Anthony and Teddy Roosevelt stayed there.

By the way, a final note: When South Dakota achieved statehood, guess who was our first Congressman....yep, John Pickler. Read all about John and his wife, and enjoy an afternoon touring a historical South Dakota mansion.




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