Ok, so I kind of cheated with this week's Throwback Thursday song. Usually, I throwback a little further, but I had to make an exception for a few reasons.

1. It's the week of St. Patrick's Day!

2. I really like this song.

3. Throwback Thursday is my thing and I do what I want.

"Galway Girl" was the third single from Ed Sheeran's Divide album. It was released as a single on St. Patrick's Day 2017.

The music video features Saoirse Ronan, who is actually from Ireland. The music video is shot from Ed's point of view. He actually wore a body cam for the video. He does actually get a tattoo in the video, but it is misspelled, Galway Grill. Saoirse Ronan said it was misspelled on purpose and it is in her handwriting.

The song had some positive and negatives reviews. While some thought the song paid homage to Ireland and it's people, others thought it was stereotypical and mocking the culture. But Ed, himself, is part Irish. His paternal grandparents are Irish.

The song was written by Ed and Irish band, Beoga.

The song barely made a dent in the US, but it was huge in the UK and Ireland. According to Wikipedia, "The song reached number 2 on the UK Singles Chart and number 1 on the Irish chart when it became available for download and streaming upon the release of the album."

Seriously, though, why wasn't this song more popular in America. It is so good. It's in my top 3 from his Divide album!

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