I asked for some input on my social media for Throwback Thursday songs in June. I wanted them all to be Pride-themed, but there are only four Thursdays in June so it was hard to whittle it down. Also, please note that I have already done "Born This Way" and "Same Love" for previous Pride Throwbacks so stop yelling at me.

Ok, now that that is out of the way.

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This is one of those songs that didn't really 'hit' in the US, but this song, and Robyn in general, have really gained quite a following in the states.

"Dancing On My Own" was the lead single off of Robyn's fifth album, Body Talk Pt. 2. It was a huge hit in Denmark and her home country of Sweden.

In the US, "Dancing On My Own" peaked at #3 on Billboard's Dance Club Songs chart. Robyn had prior success in America in the 90s. Remember "Show Me Love" and "Do You Know (What It Takes)"?

"Dancing On My Own" has been covered many times. Kings of Leon did a cover for BBC Radio1. Callum Scott did a slowed-down version of "Dancing On My Own" on Britain's Got Talent, that received a lot of accolades.

I love "Dancing On My Own" because it's one of those songs that has a dance beat and seems upbeat, but the lyrics are so sad. I just like that dichotomy.

This song has special meaning to me and a group of my friends. A few years ago, Pride in the Park was rained out, so we went downtown to grab some lunch and a few drinks. One friend in our group put a bunch of money in the jukebox and told everybody to go pick a couple of songs. Well, "Dancing On My Own" played about 5 or 6 times in a row because everybody picked it not knowing other people picked it as well. Good times.

That is the power of Robyn and her infectious songs! As proven by a bunch of her fans after a live show in New York City back in 2019. These fans kept the party going on the subway platform. It just makes my heart so happy! That is the power of music!


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