I don't know how this thing popped into my brain. Then I couldn't decide if it was a real thing. If it was something that imagined. Maybe something I saw on Adult Swim in 2004.

But, no it was real, and now that I see it again, I remember it. That odd time in our lives when a hyped-up Australian man shouted at us to buy batteries.

Yes, Mark 'Jacko' Jackson, former Australian sports star turned entertainer. For a time in the late 80's Now I remember being reminded that Energizer batteries would indeed surprise me.

As I confirmed the existence of these commercials, I was indeed surprised to find out how many of them there were.

Then, in my research I found this. It's a promo for an NBC show staring Jacko and Flash Gorden, I think, called The Highwaymen. They are assault and battery (HA! #reference), future law enforcement (maybe), gong where the regular cops can't. Computers in a truck? it must be THE FUTURE! Well, it did feature Star Trek: Voyager's Tim Russ as D.C. Montana, so it had that going for it.

This marketing fever dream couldn't last forever. It was soon replaced by another battery spokesperson, or rather spokes-bunny.

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