1981 was a great year for movies. With theaters packed for hits like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Porky's, Excalibur and Halloween II, Columbia pictures jumped into summer with the latest movie from Ivan Reitman.

With a comedic cast that included John Candy, John Larroquette and Judge Reinhold, the main roles were given to Bill Murray and Harold Ramis and on June 26, 1981, Stripes made us laugh at the craziness of a couple of slackers who joined the army to pick up chicks and wind up saving the world in a bulletproof Winnebago.

With a long list of quotable lines, Stripes has endured through the decades and still maintains a regular presence on the cable channel circuit. I admit that if it see it while channel surfing, I will stop every time.

Recently, CBS announced that they are working with Reitman, Stripes creator and director, in developing a TV series based on the movie. Casting has not been done and so far no word if Bill Murray would sign on or perhaps we should say enlist?

For a quick primer on some of those classic comedic exchanges, check this out.

Oh, and Lighten up, Francis!

Source: Variety

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