How often do you see a TV News Anchor and TV Weatherman do funny commercials? Not often. But our friends Brain Allen and Shawn Cable from KSFY TV have done a series of spots recently that just crack me up!

In this one you can see Meteorologist Shawn Cable schlep his accordion up to News Anchor Brian Allen's house at 3 in the morning. Brian answers the door in his bathrobe and hijinks ensue!

Prior to this commercial they did an ad for ME TV which also made me laugh out loud. In a recent conversation I had with Brian and Shawn they revealed that most of what made the final spot was ad-libbed after many takes, including what is now Brain Allen's signature nickname “Bri-Bri”.

I will reveal that in a recent conversation I had with Brian I suggested that he should answer the door in a frilly, sheer Negligee...he thought not.

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