Jeff's guns have earned him the nicknames "Popeye" and "Anaconda."

Jeff Dabe has always had unnaturally large arms. Boasting oversized limbs since birth, some wondered if perhaps he was born with gigantism or elephantiasis. Tests at the University of Minnesota, however, found no proof of disease or abnormalities.

Embracing his large arms for what they were, Dabe -- from Stacy, Minnesota -- began wrestling competitively.

"I arm wrestled as a senior in high school," he told The Daily Mail. "The fans way back then were the ones that named me Popeye." He arm wrestled until 1986 when he popped his right arm during a contest.

It wasn't until 2012 when Minnesota armwrestling champion Josh Handelland came to town that Dabe decided to start competing again. This time, though, he began using his left arm.

According to Give Me Sport, Dabe won the state championship for Minnesota, going on to compete in the World Armwrestling League (WAL).  His WAL bio states that Dabe is a WAL 2014 Finalist; WAL 2015 Northern Region: 3rd Place Left-hand and WAL 2015 Championships Finalist. He stand 5' 9", weighs 250 lbs, his forearms are 19 inches in circumference, and his favorite armwrestling technique is the Hook. Dabe's training includes chores on the farm he lives on in Stacy with his wife Gina, working out with a fitness band while watching TV, hard labor at work and shoveling.

Follow Minnesota armwrestling champ Jeff Dabe on Instagram here or watch videos of him competing on Youtube.

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