When I first saw pictures of what they were talking was a possible world record elk, I didn't believe it. The picture I was looking at was of the animal laying on it's side. Then, I noticed that the antlers stretched nearly back to the tail of the animal. Gulp!

The resident hunter, who to this point has chosen to remain anonymous, shot the animal with bow and arrow in Montana. As is the case much of the time, 'where the animal was taken' and 'who took the animal' won't come out for a while.  According to Boone and Crockett.com,

The elk’s B&C green score is an astounding 429-6/8 net and 448-4/8 gross. It was taken on a solo hunt early in the Montana archery season. After a couple days of packing the bull out, the hunter who at this time prefers to remain anonymous, took his bull to a taxidermist. A rough score confirmed it was time to call an experienced Boone and Crockett Official.

We do know this. From the looks of his ball cap he's a Minnesota Vikings fan.

Great elk! Share this story with your outdoor friends! And if you see any pictures or stories concerning hunting in the mid-west, I'd love to hear from you.

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