Here's a story about a man than just might have ice running through his veins.

A man from Austria dubbed as an 'extreme athlete' broke his own world record by spending over two and a half hours submerged in 440 pounds of ice.

It's not how I would want to spend a Saturday afternoon but to each his own!

Josef Koeberl stood inside a custom made plexiglass cabinet wearing nothing but swimming trunks while workers poured in bags of ice up to Koeberi's shoulders. And there he stood for two hours, 30 minutes and 57 seconds.

I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about that.

The attempt drew a crowd in the town of Melk as Koeberi broke his own record he set last year by 20 minutes.

How does he get through the intense pain? Koebel says he draws on "positive emotions."

What did Koeberi after breaking the record? He enjoyed the feel the sun on his back while eating an ice cream cone. As if he wasn't cold enough!

Koeberl told CNN that he plans an attempt to beat his own record next year by remaining in the ice for three hours.

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