There is a big, and I do mean big need for school bus drivers in the Sioux Falls School District right now.

The worker shortages that creeping into almost every corner of the workforce these days are definitely being felt at the moment by the folks with School Bus Inc. as they continue to look for people willing to drive a school bus in Sioux Falls.

The need for additional drivers is something both the district and School Bus Inc. have been dealing with since the start of the school year, and that need only continues to grow as the school year rolls on.

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Dakota News Now reports, the Sioux Falls School District runs roughly 80 routes a day. As of right now, they only have enough drivers to cover between 70 to 72 of those routes on a consistent basis.

The demand for more drivers only increases as we draw closer to the colder winter months.

The Sioux Falls School District is continuing to work closely with School Bus Inc. on finding solutions to help cover all the routes within the city.

Sioux Falls School District Assistant Superintendent Jamie Nold told Dakota News Now, “We don’t want to leave it to a chance that we’re cutting it close, as far as coverage. We want to make sure that we have things, and that we’re able to communicate. So we’re going to really work closely with the bus company, and try to get some of those plans in place.”

The district wants parents to know that great steps are being taken to ensure that every student who relies on the bus for transportation to and from school each day will arrive safe and on time.

School Bus Inc. has put together a nice incentive package in the hopes of attracting additional drivers.

Vice President of Business Development for School Bus Inc. Steve Hey told Dakota News Now, "The company is now starting drivers at $19.50 an hour. And is also offering a $4,000 sign-on bonus for applicants that already have a CDL, and $3,000 for those who don’t."

According to Hey, School Bus Inc. would like to hire anywhere between 18 and 20 drivers to help fill this immediate need.

If you or someone you know is looking to become a bus driver, you're asked to please contact the Sioux Falls School District or School Bus Inc.

Source: Dakota News Now


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