2020 did a number on a lot of bigger cities throughout the world, especially cities that boast a tourism industry. Las Vegas was one of the first big cities that shutdown all operations during the global pandemic.

Almost two years later, one Sioux Falls resident can confirm that the Las Vegas lights are back on and brighter than ever!

I am never one to spontaneously jet off to a new city for a weekend getaway. However, recently I was looking at flights from Sioux Falls to Las Vegas, and the stars aligned. I truly went on an amazing journey to a new city with a good friend. We experienced so much of Las Vegas in just two and a half days!

Keep in mind, Las Vegas is still enforcing an indoor mask mandate throughout the city. So make sure you pack a mask or two before you hop on the plane to Sin City.

2021 Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is just unreal. Everything is so prominent. It's like a mini Times Square. Speaking of Times Square, check out the tiny New York City, New York! There's even an outdoor roller coaster ride within this "city."

2021 Las Vegas

This guy was pacing back and forth. You can hear his tiny roars in the video. I believe he had an itch on his face he was trying to scratch.

This White Tiger is truly massive. Rajiv is a Snow White Bengal Tiger that has a gentle presence.

2021 Las Vegas

This clip gives you a sense of what it's like inside these reefs. It's like an up-close experience with a shark without being in the water.

2021 Las Vegas

Shin Lim performed this awesome trick to start the show. In the end, the cards would be a perfect match...like mine!

All of this excitement occurred in one action-packed day. Seriously, it was a lot! You'll just have to wait and see what happened on day two of this Las Vegas extravaganza!

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