2020 did a number on a lot of bigger cities throughout the world, especially cities that boast a huge tourism industry. Las Vegas was one of the first big cities to shut down all operations during the global pandemic.

Almost two years later, one Sioux Falls resident can confirm that the Las Vegas lights are back on, brighter and bolder than ever! For whatever reason...this same Sioux Falls resident just can't get herself out of Las Vegas...almost like trapped in Sin City.

Obviously...this Sioux Falls resident is not locked up in Las Vegas. However, this resident really did not want to leave the big city. Who is this Sioux Falls resident? It's me!

A few months ago, I shared with you part one of my spontaneous Las Vegas adventure. I truly went on an amazing journey to a new city with a good friend. We experienced so much of Las Vegas in just two and a half days!

PART ONE: A Sioux Falls Resident Gets Lost In Las Vegas

After much anticipation, here is a look at my Las Vegas adventures on the second day of the trip. Keep in mind, Las Vegas is still enforcing an indoor mask mandate throughout the city. So make sure you pack a mask or two if you plan on hopping on a plane to Sin City anytime soon.

Las Vegas Adventure Continue

The Sugar Factory is a restaurant that is based out of Las Vegas. It is known for its elaborate and sweet alcoholic beverages. The Sugar Factory even keeps this drink cold with dry ice which makes for a really cool video.

Las Vegas Adventure Continue

This is just a little clip from one of the performances at the Bellagio Fountain. It's truly a sight to see!

It would be nice to visit Las Vegas again. It's such a surreal adventure and a great city to make memories. But remember…”what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Except when you work in radio….ha!

Via Las Vegas!


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