It's always so sad to hear a long-standing establishment like the Flandreau Bakery & Coffee announce it’s closing up shop for good. As mentioned in a previous story, the Duncan brothers just decided it was time to retire after being in business for over 90 years.

Patrons of the Flandreau Bakery were just heartbroken to see this establishment go. However...they'll be more excited to know that this bakery is back in business!

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According to the Moody County Enterprise's website,  the Flandreau Bakery will "soon be back" in action under new ownership. The Duncan brothers explain that they just wanted to find the right owner to take care of their family business. It was recently confirmed that a Flandreau family will take over all operations of the bakery.

"Marty Parsley is purchasing the business with the intent of reopening the bakery. His son Joe will manage the operation...The Parlsey family is local to Flandreau and Marty has farmed east of town for many years. Marty and Joe are already looking for good help with the business."

The Duncan brothers are even willing to assist the Parlsey family throughout this transition. There is no official date on when the Flandreau Bakery will open its doors once again to the small, beloved South Dakota community.

If you have never been to this local treasure, there is a report from U.S. News & World Report that the Flandreau Bakery was really known for its Mocha Cake. At one point, it was even featured on the Food Network.

The reopening of this adored South Dakota bakery sounds pretty sweet to me!


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