If your kids are arriving at school late, one reason maybe it is because of the shortage of school bus drivers.

For the last several month's School Bus Inc and the Sioux Falls School District have been searching for bus drivers. The need has increased with the addition of two new schools within the district.

In a report by Dakota News Now, both the Sioux Falls School District and SBI know the busing issues are affecting families and students. School officials continue to communicate with families when the busses will be running late.


The shortage has a direct effect on the student's arrival time. And for some instances, it could be the same students. Assistant Superintendent Jamie Nold says, “Our goal obviously is for it to not be a reoccurring factor. And if it is, to not be the same individual students each time. So that if there’s an issue with a driver shortage, that we rotate that.”

The Sioux Falls School District includes 23 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 4 traditional high schools, and an alternative high school.

Apply today to be a bus driver at School Bus Inc.

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