Wine Time on Main is a new wine bar for downtown Sioux Falls. It is located at 330 S. Main Avenue in the Washington Square structure right across from The Washington Pavilion. It is open at 3:00 PM every day for all your wine needs.

The wine list is huge! It has something for every taste bud and every budget. There are sweeter, white whines and drier, red wines and everything in between.

Our server also informed us about this really cool wine cork contraption. When they are opening a new bottle of wine, they don't want to actually remove the cork because the wine doesn't stay as delicious as long. So they have this really cool tool that penetrates the cork and lets the wine be poured without actually removing the cork. How cool is that? I had never seen one before. I'm sure if you're better versed in wine then you may not have been as impressed as I was.

The staff is very knowledgeable. Our server said that they trained for a couple months before Wine Time on Main opened so that everyone would know the menu up and down. She was very helpful in helping us pick out a wine.

The countertops, decor, glassware, and furniture was all very well put together. The vibe of the place is country and rustic yet elegant and sophisticated. Wine Time on Main had a very cool vibe.

Wine Time on Main, Sioux Falls

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