There is such a variety of local restaurants and businesses when you visit Downtown Sioux Falls. Unfortunately, some of these establishments were unable to survive extreme circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some Sioux Falls businesses have fallen to the on-going detrimental economic effects of the pandemic including one popular downtown wine bar. The pandemic actually played a major role in the decision to close this local establishment after three years.

Wine Time On Main located in the downtown area on Main Avenue has made the tough choice to close its doors. The local hangout spot made the devastating announcement on its Facebook page late last week.

According to the Facebook page, the staff from Wine Time On Main explains they realized this industry was not going to be easy.  However, they could have never predicted that a global pandemic would take over the world.

Just as we were getting a strong footing in beautiful downtown Sioux Falls, COVID hit, which has been incredibly tough for all small business owners. The reality is, we have not had a profitable month since the onset of COVID.

This was not an easy decision and Wine Time On Main staff states they have had a lot of great experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Before it's officially time to hang up the wine glasses, Wine Time On Main will be offering all wines at a 15% discount until the end of the year. The sale will begin on Tuesday, October 19th.  Eventually, the establishment will also have a " liquidate glassware and retail items" sale.

I have a lot of fond memories with my friends from Wine Time On Main. It's sad to see this all come to an end, but the experiences and remembrances from good times shared will last a lifetime.

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