I'm not a big fan of gnomes and I would never own one let alone plant one in my yard but this guy has found a prominent home and is standing guard 24/7 somewhere here in the city.

And yes, it's at a Sioux Falls golf course. But which one of the three city courses could it be. Anyone who golfs regularly at Kuehn Park, Elmwood or Prairie Green should recognize the fairway in the background.

Dave Roberts/TSM

As my wife and I were enjoying sangria's a couple of weeks ago on the patio of Look's Marketplace she pointed out Mr. Gnome. So I took a picture with the 10th fairway at Prairie Green Golf Course off 69th and Minnesota Avenue. It's a lonely job but he never leaves his post. Always dependable and always with a fuzzy smile on his face.

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If you haven't enjoyed the atmosphere of Looks Marketplace, this is a MUST stop. Aged meats, fresh sea food, wine, craft beer, a great menu and I don't want to forget about the made-from-scratch-with-love pastries.

Dave Roberts/TSM

Ever heard of Kouign Amann - Can't pronounce it? No problem. (Queen-Ah-Mon) Just eat, savor and enjoy one or two. Or seven. These sweet delights are like croissants on steroids. And no, don't bother ordering just one. Trust me.

NO Hot Dog