Happy birthday to the World Wide Web. We really should have cake.

March 12 of 1989 the world changed forever with the introduction of the internet. This network made of tubes and wires and light up thingies that connect the planet changed history and we have a person named Tim Berners-Lee to thank for it. On the morning of March 12, 1989 he gave his boss a doodle flow chart which was the basic birth of the Internet. You can see that here. We think it’s pretty cool. Even if we don’t understand anything on it. But here’s the fun part: you know what his bosses response was? "Vague, but exciting."

And boom the Internet was born.

The next thing you knew that strange and irritating sound of a modem being dialed up was in every home and office. Today we're connected to more than 1 billion websites when and where we want it.

So thank you, Tim Berners-Lee. Thank you for connecting us. We promise not to call you Tim Apple.

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