Here's another story about a company offering huge cash to do minimal work. A Norwegian tech company will pay someone $9,000 to surf the internet for two weeks. $4,500 per week to mess around on the internet. Sounds like a great side hustle!

The 'Personal Browser' will use the Opera Web Browser to "browse the far corners of the web and talk about the fun and the weird stuff you come across," according to the company.

The catch here is your browsing history will be shared online. Whether you searching for cat videos or placing a food order for delivery, it will all be shared, so you might want to behave!

Here's how you apply for the job.

  1. Create a short video under 60 seconds where you talk about your life's most relevant browsing moment. Funny or serious, let them know about it.
  2. Upload the video to any of your social networks using the hashtag #operapersonalbrowser.
  3. Then share the video and social links with the company.

The company will go through the entries and contact applicants they are interested in.

The deadline is November 13th, 2020.

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