As we bid 2020 a not-so-fond farewell, we're reminded of all of the things that were robbed from us over the past year - like spending time with the people nearest and dearest to us, eating out, traveling, and going to live events.

All of that did provide us with an abundance of one thing though - time. Lots and lots of free time on our hands.

Some of us made the most of it by learning new things, while others just spun their wheels while waiting for the world to get back to 'normal'.

As we head into 2021, that normal still seems like it's a ways away, so you might still be in need of some things to do to occupy your time.

Parade magazine has come to the rescue with a whopping 75 different websites that might not add any quality to your life, but they will help you kill some time.

Here are some of my favorites (links at bottom of page):


Website links:


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