I used to have a cat who thought he was a dog. He played fetch, he panted with his tongue hanging out, and he sloshed water violently when he drank.

A video of a dog jumping down a flight of stairs has gone viral. In the Tik Tok clip, the dog starts to go downstairs but apparently remembers that he wants to jump instead. So he comes back up, disappears into another room, then gets a running start and leaps about halfway down the stairs. Very strange behavior.

This morning on the show I have people call and text in with the strangest things their pets do. There were a lot, but here are my favorites.

  • My cat likes to steal my socks and underwear and hide them in her litter box. She does this with nothing else. It is very annoying.
  • My parents' cat would run/hop like a squirrel and would wait by the front door all day after my Dad left for work. Also instead of meowing would say "Hellooo!" like Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire.
  • We had a cat that would go pheasant hunting with my dad. He would see him grab the gun and would immediately run to the truck and wait for my dad to come.
  • My dog licks his butt too much so we had to bring him to the doctor and get him medicine.

And this one was my favorite...

  • My dog likes to watch videos of himself. If you don't show him the video you took he'll howl at you.
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