You know the old saying "nothing is constant, except change"? That apparently applies to our restaurant scene here in Sioux Falls, as well. After 32 years at 19th & Minnesota Avenue, Taco John's is closing that location on December 16.

This is sad for me because it is super close to my house and a late-night Tacoburger & Oles craving cure was only a few blocks away. I've always said there are two kinds of people, Taco John's people - - and everyone else!

Not to worry though, this is merely a "realignment for the Sioux Falls stores" according to Ted Miller, the vice president of operations for Taco John's. There is a new store coming soon to 26th & Sycamore, not to mention 9 other stores already making what is potentially the best crispy potato snack on the planet!

So, never fear, there will be no shortage of Nachos Navidad this Christmas or any other, God willing and corn keeps growing!

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