There's a quadzillion websites. Well, I'm ballparkin' that number a bit, but I did see where there's something over a billion. Oh yeah, everything and everybody, it seems, has a website.

And can't find the website you want? Oh, it's out there somewhere, just do the highly technical thing I do...

Google it.

Geez, 30 years ago if you 'Googled' you'd probably get arrested.

Hard to believe, isn't it? There was a day when there were no websites, no internet. I think that era fell somewhere between the horse-n-buggy and the compact disc.

We must have just fumbled around, aimlessly going from place to place, helplessly looking for... well, whatever it was we were looking for. Poor lost soul!

There we were, having to pull into the nearest gas station and being forced to ask another upright, oxygen taking human being 'Say, do you know...'

Now, a website has all that information, about any business, any place, any question, anywhere.Yep, there's a website for that.

But what was the first? I mean, the very first ever? The leader of the pack, the innovator, the one that was out there when the rest of us were asking 'Website? What's a website?

And no... we couldn't Google it.

Well, here it is, the info you need to find out: It's the very first website.

Now how could an old 8-track kinda guy like me find the world's first website?

Ahem, I confess... I Googled it.

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