Somewhere out there in the great multi-verse there is a world where up is down, left is right and Smash Mouth and Linkin Park are fused into one.

On this alternate version of Earth, Steve Harwell was never the lead singer of the band Smash Mouth. It's a world without "Walking on the Sun," or that kind of cool version of "Why Can't we be Friends." On this planet Shrek was never a believer and there was never that iconic appearance in the climactic scene of Rat Race.

No, in this world Harwell instead became the lead singer of a different band, Linkin Park. who knows the fate of Chester on this alt-Earth. But, the fun style of Smash Mouth combined with the dark Nu-Metal of Linkin park to give birth to an oddity that is both an assault on and a treat for the ears of us on Earth Prime.

How do we know this? Because somehow a recording from this band was interceped and shared on our internets. This mash-up of what we would call the songs "All Star" with "In the End" is proof of the existence of this mirror universe. Is this a prelude to an incursion by travelers from this universe? Is it the proof that String Theory is true? Listen and be afraid.

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