Wedding season is upon us once again and a lot of couples will be spending numerous hours planning/preparing to make their special day one to remember. From the reception to photographers, catering to the wedding party.

As you know most weddings have a "best man," but why does that exist? Why does every wedding have one?

Well according to, they listed the "The Origins of 15 Common Words & Phrases" and one of them was origin of the word "best man."  They say:

In feudal days, weddings were rife with the possibility of a rival lord trying to break up your wedding ceremony and steal your bride for political reasons. To prepare for a possible battle, the groom would ask a friend with fighting skills to stand with him during his marriage and act as his Best Man, helping to defend his bride from possible kidnapping.

Often, grooms would convince multiple friends and relatives to stand with him, and several peasant "maids" would be persuaded to stand with the bride, in the hope that if invaders came to disrupt the ceremony, they would be confused by the number of girls in party clothes, and possibly kidnap the wrong one.

So instead of having your best friend as your "best man" maybe try to find the biggest/strongest person you know!

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