Could you imagine having your wedding and asking a family member to leave during the reception?

TikToker @odditieinthemaking asked her followers a burning question, “What did you do at your wedding that made your family members upset?” Thousands of people responded to her inquiry with somewhat crazy stories, however, one stood out and earned 7.4 million views.

User @info_wh0res stitched the video and shared what allegedly she and her husband did to her family members after the ceremony at the reception. She explained that they asked their entire family to vote for their least favorite relative. Little did they know that the person who they voted for would have to leave the reception.

Although the comedic creator didn't specify who was voted out or what their reaction was, she did leave a funny comment in the comments section. "Everybody voted for my husband so we had to put him down," she quipped.

Fellow TikTokers were split on her decision to do such a somewhat cruel thing to an unwilling family member at such a happy celebration.

"Could you imagine going to a wedding then being voted out? I could never. That could be someone’s 13th reason. I am sad for them," one person wrote. Another added, "I feel like I would have voted for you."

Meanwhile, others agreed with her decision, with one writing, "Identifying a common enemy is the first step to a blissful life," while another wrote, "Lmao not Big Brother-style eviction. Can I use this?"

Other users shared their own personal wedding stories that involved upset family members. A TikToker wrote that their least favorite family member just wasn't invited to their wedding.

"We played 'WAP' uncensored at 8 pm so the people who couldn’t handle the real party would leave," someone shared.

"The invitation said the ceremony started at 7 and it did. So the always late people missed the whole thing," a person shared. Another bride shared that she had staff lock the doors right before she walked down the aisle so that everyone would be inside for her big moment.

One of the frequent responses to ensure family drama was having a kid-free wedding. For one bride, "90% of my husband's side refused to come.. made our wedding cheaper." Another route others decided to go is having the photographer leave out or crop out specific family members on purpose.

Finally, one woman wrote the ultimate dig, "My husband and I got married. That’s it. Made his family really mad."

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