This weekend is the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby, a horse race held annually in Louisville, Kentucky. Twenty horses are scheduled to participate in the annual race, but there is one horse that is drawing attention across the nation.

His name is PATCH, a 3-year-old thoroughbred. Patch doesn't look like the other horses. On his left side Patch has an empty, ball-size socket.

According to the Washington Post, Patch lost his eye due to an ulcer that never healed. He came out of his stall one morning with a swollen and tearing eye, his trainer said, and no one knew why. The eye worsened and eventually had to be removed. Fittingly, and a little eerily, the colt was already named Patch.

Patch is at 30-1 odds, so if you want to root for an underdog (or underhorse) at this years derby, PATCH is your horse!

Catch the 143 Kentucky Derby on NBC On Saturday, May 6th.

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