An unexpected encounter at the Louisville Zoo left visitors in awe when a curious orangutan asked for a close-up look at a 3-month-old child.

shalenahittle35 (Tiktok)
shalenahittle35 (Tiktok)

Curious Orangutan

Kayla Jaylen Natsis captured the heartwarming moment on video, which has since gone viral.

As the guests approached the orangutan enclosure, the ape tapped on the glass and pointed at the human baby. Without hesitation, the parents brought the baby closer, and to the crowd's delight, the orangutan came closer as well to take a good look at the little one.

Social media users were quick to identify the zoo animal as Amber, a 35-year-old orangutan who has been living in Louisville since 1996. According to the zoo's website, Amber often interacts with guests by tapping on the glass and pointing at their belongings. Previous TikTok videos have shown the curious ape gesturing toward visitors' purses and backpacks.

shalenahittle35 (Tiktok)
shalenahittle35 (Tiktok)
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A Love For Babies

But it seems Amber has a soft spot for infants, too. In another TikTok post, the orangutan appeared to be asking to see a guest's 2-week-old baby. It's clear that Amber's playful and curious personality has won the hearts of many visitors at the Louisville Zoo.

The video of the orangutan's close encounter with the young child has brought joy to countless viewers and serves as a reminder of the special connections we can make with animals, even in captivity.




Ashli Olivera: "One time my son fell by the orangutan enclosure and the mama came over and sat beside us until he stopped crying and was okay. It was beautiful."

Jessica Eleanor Lee: "I had an orangutan ask me to turn my arm so it could see my tattoo better. It was the coolest experience realizing that it was communicating with me!"

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