The month of October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  The Stomp Out Bullying campaign is an effort to encourage schools, organizations, and communities to end bullying. Schools are meant to be safe, learning environments for children.  Unfortunately, this sometimes isn't reality.

According to Stop Bullying, most bullying occurs in middle school either verbally or socially.  One in three students admits they have been bullied in school.  Some kids in middle school are usually the targets of bullies because they could be seen as “awkward.”  This includes someone who seems defenseless, who doesn't get along with others, and even wearing different clothes that aren't considered "cool."

So why do kids bully each other?  Stop Bullying states there are two different types of bullies: someone who seems to be in the "popular" crowd, or someone who isolates themselves from other classmates.  The following are the common signs of a bully.

  • Are aggressive or easily frustrated
  • Have less parental involvement or having issues at home
  • Think badly of others
  • Have difficulty following rules
  • View violence in a positive way
  • Have friends who bully others

With the recent reports of bullying across the country, it’s important to remind parents about the signals of bullying and if their own child is a victim.  If you notice that your child is losing interest in activities, talk to school officials right away for help.

Counseling services are available to students throughout the Sioux Falls School District.  Parents should also be aware if their child is the bully when they’re “acting out” or getting into physical and verbal fights.

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