Beer drinkers of the Rushmore State, have you ever wondered how we stack up in a cost-per-case versus our neighboring states? Not bad, but Iowa and Minnesota are cheaper. Computing some sudsy numbers, the website Simple Thrifty Living found out that the average price for a case of beer in South Dakota is $18.12.

Iowa is almost a dollar cheaper with $17.18 and Minnesota weighs in at a foamy $17.94 per case.

It seems legit considering the study used only domestic mass production brews, but what's up with Wyoming? They're one of the highest in the nation at a whopping $26.68! That's too much for a case of Bud Light - even though they have cool knights and no corn syrup.

However, no state can touch the high cost of beer cases quite like Alaska. Their average cost per case of beer is $31.21. That's a pretty penny to shell out for for a little hoppy goodness while trying to not to spill running from a turgid moose.

Check out the cool interactive maps to learn about other states.

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