Yeah this picture has nothing to do with the topic of this post.  But that's just the point I wanna bring up.

Have you noticed that everything online is about getting you to click on the title? And ohhhh...there is a lot of linguistic sorcery at work here.

Now I get that in such a noisy digital world everyone is trying to get noticed.  But how about rather that posting clickbait crap we go for a little quality?  How about a little truthyness?

When someone posts something about how their mediocre life has been transformed into total awesomeness by some amazing wrap, shake, or scented candle then I click on it, read it, and feel violated because I've been lured in by the Facebook equivalent of the Saudi Prince that wants me to give him my debit card and pin numbers so he can transfer a few million bucks into my account.

I've been fooled by more than one video promising that I'll "be amazed" I'm tired of the online shakedown.  So I've been taking note of some of the clickbait phrases that really piss me off.

And I thought I'd do ya a solid and share them with you.  Here are the The 9 Clickbait Phrases That Just Piss People Off:

  1. Have You Ever Seen Pictures Like These!?
  2. You'll Be Floored By His Response!
  3. You Won't Believe What Happened Next!
  4. This is Just Amazing!
  5. Here are The 10 Secrets They Don't Want You To Know!!
  6. This Just Absolutely Saved My Life!
  7. These 7 Unlikely Hacks You Gotta Know!
  8. Breaking News!
  9. Beware! You Won't Be Able To Look Away!

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