I have lived in and traveled to many cities, small towns, and villages in my life. Places with millions of people packed on a small area of land, sprawling suburbs along a mountain range and remote areas with a handful of soul scattered over many acres of prairie. Of all the places I've been Sioux Falls is so far my favorite.

We have a nice mix of urban and rural. If I'm ever feeling homesick for my ancestral homeland of rural Nebraska I'm no more than a few minutes from the fields of South Dakota. I can enjoy a small town atmosphere in my little eastside neighborhood, and still have access to major metropolitan services, shopping and entertainment.

Sioux Falls is informally split info several neighborhoods. Eastside, Westside, well, you know how the compass works. Some are aging, some historical and many are new expansion of city. According to the website Neighborhood Scout the most expensive neighborhoods in Sioux Falls are the growing areas in the southeastern part of the city.

The 5 most expensive neighborhoods in Sioux Falls

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