Mireya Briceno, a senior at Muskegon High School in Michigan, was told to go home on April 24, 2015 after her open back dress was found to be in violation of the school's dress code for prom.

The schools principal said that the school staff tried to make the student body aware of the dress guidelines ahead of time and that students were required to sign a form before buying prom tickets and both mother and daughter thought the dress was in the guidelines.

Mireya entered the prom wearing her boyfriend's jacket because of the cold weather, and was asked to leave an hour later.  Mireya's mother, Connie, says:

"I felt she was classy and elegant...she was perfect, She called me from the parking lot...she got in her car and started crying. All I wanted is for him to call me and give me an explanation."


What do you think? is the dress too revealing?

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