Did she really do this?

Watch as a grown woman in Argentina takes her dress off as she enters a business and attempts to use the dress as a mask.

A father with three kids is in the ice cream shop as this woman walks in and as you will see below they do their best to not watch this woman.

The woman apparently knew that she had to have a face-covering upon entering the business, thus she resorted to using her dress.

She is apparently told to leave the store, which she does, while only sporting her undergarments.


In recent months we've seen people get creative when it comes to face coverings, but I don't recall ever seeing someone take to remove their dress and attempt to use it as a mask.

I will say this, once we get through this pandemic, we will look back on videos like below and ask what were people really thinking?

We should applaud this woman for listening to the person working in this business as she did not seem to put up much of a fight when she was told to leave.

Check this madness out.


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