I know I've said this about every place on my trip so far, but Switzerland really was beautiful.

Other parts of Europe looked a lot like the midwest, but not Switzerland. The huge mountains definitely set it apart.

We drove through one of the mountain passes in the Alps and while it was terrifying it was beautiful.

We also spent some time in Lucerne, Switzerland along Lake Lucerne. It was the clearest lake I've ever seen. You could actually see the bottom!

Switzerland is obviously known for cheese, chocolate, and being neutral all the time. And I finally realized why they can be neutral. They are an almost self sufficient country. They are not part of the European Union and have their own money, Swiss Francs. They also produce a lot of their own stuff so they don't really need anyone else.

Switzerland was probably the most expensive place we visited. Our guide also told us that to move there is quite a process. They apparently don't let just anyone in.

I also had to face my fears in Switzerland. As if driving through the mountains wasn't scary enough, I actually took a cable car thing up a mountain! A lot of deep breaths. It was worth it though.

I don't know if you can see it, but I wore my Wonder Woman shirt this day to help me be brave.

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