Business appears to be booming for Target stores. The famous bulls-eye is posting solid retail numbers heading into the fall/winter months. As a result, Target Corp. said they would higher up to 100,000 workers for the upcoming holiday season.

Sioux Falls has two target locations. On the east side in Dawley Farm and Empire East on Louise Avenue.

Find more information about seasonal hiring by Target.

According to Reuters news, Target may be trying to prevent loss of sales from people walking out due to long lines and understaffed checkout lanes. On top of that, they have initiated another price lowering strategic move.

The outlook isn't as rosy for giant retailers such as Sears and Macy's who have been closing stores at a rapid rate.

In a world where online business is threatening brick and mortar stores, it's nice to see this bright economic report.

With the count down on to Black Friday, a forecast of faster lines and lower prices may be a big draw for holiday shoppers.

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