Having enough to eat for many Sioux Falls families is a daily struggle and in this COVID-19 era, it has taken a toll on several households. If you have children 18 and under you will be happy to know that your kids will once again get free meals during the summer school break.

The program that began in 2020 by the Trump administration will continue as the U.S. Department of Agriculture has extended the Summer Food Service Program. The extension runs through September 30 and will allow families some relief during the ongoing pandemic.

Dakota News Now reports that the Sioux Falls School District already has the program in place. Sioux Falls School District Child Nutrition Director Gay Anderson says, “I think it will just help families, again who have struggled through some of this being able to you know ‘we have a little bit of reprieve, we’ll be able to have the free meals and take care of it that way."

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Outside of Sioux Falls, Dakota News Now says schools in West Central and Tea, have not yet decided whether they will participate in the program.

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