South Dakota residents value their gun rights, and the gun industry values South Dakota. A new study confirms that yet again. KSFY TV is reporting the personal finance website WalletHub just released new data on study they conducted regarding the states that are most dependent on the gun industry.

The 2018 study took into account several factors, including gun ownership, the number of jobs in the industry and taxes paid by the firearms industry.

The study revealed that South Dakota ranks high when it comes to states dependent on the gun industry, the most firearm jobs per capita, and the highest total firearms-industry per capita. The state was in the top five in each of those categories.

According to the KSFY report on the WalletHub study, South Dakota also ranks first in the nation for gun rights contributions to members of Congress.

Guns have definitely been a hot topic of conversation in the nation recently. The (February 14), Parkland school shooting, and subsequent gun ban demonstrations across the nation have seen to that.

One thing most Americans may find surprising, the gun industry as a whole has been in a slump thanks to President Trump. Gun sales have been down nationwide since Trump became President. While that might be encouraging news for the anti-gun gang, it's a bad sign for states whose economies rely heavily on the gun industry. According to the WalletHub study, in 2017 alone, guns contributed more than $51 billion to the U.S. economy and generated over 6.5 billion in state and federal taxes last year.

While on the surface there appears to be no simple solution to the ongoing gun debate that faces the nation and the problems it presents for both sides, hopefully, someday soon, calmer heads will prevail in both camps. One thing is for sure some common ground restrictions need to be found that both sides can live with, for the good of the nation and the safety of its people.

Source: KSFY TV/WalletHub

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