So, you say work has got you stressed out. There's good news -- you're not alone.

More importantly, you're not helpless, either.

There are plenty of ways you can handle the stress that comes with your job so it doesn't gnaw at you, even when you're off the clock. Here are a couple of tips to help:

Have a plan of attack

If you have a list that prioritizes what needs to be handled on a daily basis, you will find your job more manageable. It's actually quite simple and lets you get a handle on your responsibilities. Suddenly, you don't have 50 things to do; rather, you have 10 things you need to do today and 40 more than can be spread out over the course of the next month, making your job much more manageable.

Ask for help

“Delegate” is a word thrown out quite often, but it's important. Don't think of getting assistance as an admission that you can't do your job well. Think of it as a way to do it more efficiently. It also can lighten your workload, while also letting you hone in on the most essential part of your job. Having other people involved may also increase morale, since you endured a shared experience.

Take a break

Yup, a good way to deal with stress is to leave. Go outside for a walk, call a friend, check your fantasy football team -- just do something that isn't work-related. Doing something you find relaxing for a few minutes is a good way to get your mind off the job and reset. This mini “vacation” will help you recharge, so you'll be able to return to work revitalized and ready to tackle what needs to be done from a fresh perspective.

Talk to your boss

A lot of workers who get stressed out just let their anger and frustration fester inside of them, choosing instead to complain at home. That’s not productive. What is? Telling your boss what’s eating at you in a reasonable manner. Outline what’s bothering you and explain how you may not feel your talents are being utilized best for the company. When you put it in terms of helping the company, you’ll be surprised how receptive your superior can be.

Eat lunch

It seems more and more of the workforce spends their lunch break eating while they work. There's just a finite number of hours in the day and we all deserve some time to step away and enjoy a basic human function like eating. Even if you brown bag it, you’ll find taking some time to leave the workplace while chowing down makes things more bearable. Go to a nearby park or mall and enjoy your surroundings while filling up your belly before clocking back in.

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