The weather is getting better and more people will be outside getting exercise. Whether you are a runner, biker, or driver please be cautious on the road.

For those driving around the area, please keep these in mind:

Runners: Most runners will run on the opposite side of the road towards your direction as a way for you to see them better. They will stay near the curb. Just give them some extra space when going by. If the runner is on the sidewalk, please check the crosswalks and between blocks before making a left or right turn to make sure nobody is crossing.

Bikers: Most people that are riding a bicycle around town, and not on the trail, will be out on the road heading in the same direction as you. Please go around the cyclist in a safe manner. Most that do ride in the street tend to be mostly in the downtown area.

Runners and bikers, also be aware of these tips that will help you stay safe.

Make Yourself Visible - This is more-so if you are out for a late afternoon/early evening run/bike ride. Wear bright clothing while on the road.

Avoid the iPod - I know it can be difficult to do, but if you are out on the road turn down the volume of your music and pay more attention to the horns/sounds/happenings around you.

If Possible, Hit the Trails - Sioux Falls has a great bike trail that will take you around the entire city. The best part of the trail is that it avoids a great amount of traffic. People won't have to worry as much, but still will have to be mindful, and the amount of stops will decrease for the bikers and runners.

For more information about the bike trails click here.

No matter the way you get to your destination, please watch for others and stay safe. Enjoy the weather.

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