Tip #1:  Make sure you photograph the damage on your property from different angles before cleaning up and removing debris. This will prove helpful when filing homeowners insurance claims.

Tip #2: From Sioux Falls Fire & Rescue: With the snow and broken trees, please make sure your neighborhood fire hydrant is clear so fire crews can use if needed!

Tip #3: The mayor has said "I know this sounds crazy, but we don't want people to be chipping ice and clearing snow from driveways and sidewalks. There is still danger in falling trees and branches. Safety first. We will help."

Tip #4: Also from mayor Mike Huether: If you can get them [branches and tree limbs] between the sidewalk and your curb, we'll remove those for you. But, this is going to be a long process.

Tip #5: Even if a power line is not sparking, it doesn't mean it's not 'live'. Consider this a danger to the public and call your power company, or 911 if it poses a fire threat.

Tip #6: The city has a couple of branch drop-off sites available, but if it is too much to transport or if you are unable, the city recommends that you (safely) put the branches between the sidewalk and the street and they will assist in picking them up. The details are still being worked out as far a schedules are concerned.

Tip #7: If you were one of the several thousand residents without power over a considerable amount of time, don't trust refrigerated food that has gone without power for more than 3 hours.

Tip #8: If you are able, help a neighbor. That good deed may be returned when you need it the most.

Tip #9: If we needed another reminder that emergency situations can arise rather quickly in South Dakota, consider that reminder served with this latest storm. Keep and emergency kit in your home in case of prolonged power outages. Batteries, candles, food that doesn't require cooking, blankets, lanterns, first-aid kit, gallons of water, a generator, and a good book.

Tip #10: Get in the "let it melt" mode. Temperatures are going to reach low 40's through the weekend and we'll see some steady melting. City officials will not ticket you for ice and snow on sidewalks within 48 hours. Let it melt. With the tree and power line situation, your safety is first.

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