It was good while it lasted. For two weeks there were no reports of firearms being stolen from vehicles in Sioux Falls, but a recent theft breaks that streak.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says it happened sometime either late Thursday night or early Friday morning in the 4100 block of West 93rd Street.

“The victim in this case had an AR-15 in his pickup truck. He was very positive that the truck was locked. There was no forced entry and he had noticed that someone had rummaged through the truck and then he noticed that his rifle had been stolen.”

Gun thefts from vehicles have been quite common in Sioux Falls in 2018. Clemens continues to stress that keeping firearms in vehicles is not a safe option.

“He was planning on going somewhere Friday morning and shooting his rifle which is why he left it in the truck. You are going inside anyway, you should bring the gun inside with you. Locking the doors is one step, but taking the guns out of cars is really the only way to make sure that people aren’t going to steal a gun from a car.”

Police don’t have any suspects in this case and are also unsure how the suspect was able to gain access to the locked pickup.

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