SD Health officials are advising everyone to check their bottles of hand sanitizers.

A total of three hospitalizations in the state of South Dakota, along with one death, have been caused by the use of hand sanitizer that contained methanol as an ingredient; according to KOTA NEWS.

Joshua Clayton, an Epidemiologist, brought light to the issue Thursday morning July 30, during the state’s coronavirus briefing.

“All of them have been hospitalized after ingesting or drinking that hand sanitizer solution,” Clayton stated.

The mention of methanol being used in some forms of hand sanitizers causing these hospitalizations

"comes after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about several methanol-based hand sanitizers earlier this summer."- KOTA NEWS

Clayton said if you have any hand sanitizer containing methanol, throw it away immediately.

The FDA says up to nine different hand sanitizer products could contain methanol as an ingredient.

So please check the back label of the ingredients within your hand sanitizers.


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