One of my kids was learning about percentages in school recently, so that mean I was relearning about percentages recently. Despise the best efforts of teachers, I never figured our percentages when I was a lad. My math deficiency is a leading cause of my career on this side of the computer code, rather than the back-end.

Anyways, modern teaching and the help of the internet allowed me to finally figure out how to find percentages. Yeah! But, after a frustrating night at the kitchen table, I think my child will try to complete as much math homework at school as possible. The super-dad myth starts to crumble.

But, I have used my newfound

  • South Dakota has a population of 865,454; Sioux Falls has a population of 178, 544. That means that Sioux Falls makes up 20% of the state's population.
  • In terms of physical size, South Dakota has an area of 78,116 square miles; Sioux Falls has an area of 73 square miles. So, Sioux Falls makes up .09% of the area of South Dakota.
  • The population of the United States is 324,118,787; South Dakota has a population of 865,454. South Dakota makes up .27% of the US population.

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