The delightful comedy show What We Do in the Shadows returned to FX and Hulu with new episodes recently. In the season premiere, South Dakota makes a brief, very brief, cameo.

What We Do in the Shadows is a series created by Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords). It is based on a movie of the same name by Clement and Taika Waititi. Yea, the Thor movie guy.

It's about a group of vampires roommates living in modern Staten Island. It's done in a documentary style, like The Office. It is very silly and very fun. And, Matt Berry from the IT Crowd is in it!

“Ooooh, hey dere, Nandor, do you wanna come see da Packers”

In the first episode of the fourth season, which premiered July 12, 2022, the vamp crew is talking about what everyone has been up to since last season. One of the vampires, Nandor, tells us about a vacation he took with a family of four from Wisconsin. Their road trip included a stop at Mount Rushmore where Nandor the Relentless is seen wearing an 'I heart South Dakota' t-shirt.

In a second pic, Nandor is still wearing the shirt when they visit a carnival.

FX/20th Century
FX/20th Century

That's it. That's the cameo.

It's a pretty standard 'we took a trip here's some pictures of us at famous monuments,' TV trope. One that South Dakota often benefits from.

Sure it's not a big scene, but, it's always great to beat out Yellowstone Park and The Grand Canyon for some national attention. They think they're so 'majestic' and all. But they ain't got nothing on The Black Hills.

And sure, it would be awesome to have a character on a hit show be from South Dakota to keep us on the top of the nation's mind. Nebraska will be coasting on the Big Bang Theory for years. But, we take what we can get.

Plus, it's always nice to know people are thinking of us. And at this point, South Dakota probably needs all the good press we can get.


What We Do in the Shadows South Dakota
FX/20th Century

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