South Dakota was smacked with a nasty winter in the middle of December 2022. From December 13 through 16 freezing rain, lots of snow, and strong winds made a mess of the state and led to the death of a South Dakota boy

The south-central part of the state took the brunt of the storm. Over 20 inches of snow was dumped on Winner. Same story in Murdo.

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On the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation near Mission, South Dakota they were buried under 30-plus inches of snow.

Because the snow and wind were making travel all but impossible for a long while, a boy on the Reservation died when emergency personnel couldn't get to him.

Rosebud Indian Reservation
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TRAGEDY: Blizzard Leads to South Dakota Boy's Death

During the storm 12-year-old Honor Beauvais was at home on the Reservation suffering from the flu. His mother and grandmother say they spend hours trying to find a way to get help, or to get to help. But the blowing and drifting snow had trapped them.

"A snowplow eventually was able to make a path for an ambulance. Honor was taken to the Indian Health Service (IHS) a government hospital, three miles away, where he passed away due to his illness," Honor's grandmother said.

Now that roads are cleared enough for traveling, Honor's family is preparing to bury their child. But, the expenses are mounting, so they started a GoFundMe to raise money.

"The roads in SD and on the reservation are finally being cleared enough so that we can plan the wake and funeral for our beloved boy, Honor. (His given name is Yuonihan Ihanblè Beauvais. In Lakota Yuonihan means Honor and Ihanblè means Dream)... I am asking for help to pay for funeral costs for my grandson, anything will help us at this time." - Rose Cordier-Beauvais via GoFundMe


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