Have you ever thought about how sinful you are? No, of course, you haven't. You don't drink too much, eat too much, cuss too much, right?

Wallethub thought about how sinful all of us are in the U.S. and ranked all fifty states. The list was based on seven different factors which were also ranked. Those criteria were anger and hatred, jealousy, excesses and vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness.

Out of all 50 states South Dakota was #41 most sinful state or more positively stated, we were the #10 least sinful state. We ranked well in all of the criteria except anger and hatred and greed.

Minnesota was just slightly more sinful than South Dakota, coming in at #39. Their best score was having the fewest excesses and vices than any other state.

Iowa is just slightly less sinful than South Dakota with a rank of 45. But Nebraska and North Dakota were even more pure, coming in at 47 and 48 respectively.

I'm guessing Wallethub didn't visit the oil fields in North Dakota or spend a Saturday in Lincoln when the Huskers are home in the fall.

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